Here are some answers to our most frequent questions:

When are you open?

We are open 24/7 & 364 days a year, weather permitting. We are located in a quite residential neighborhood, so please keep the noise to a minimum.  Not often, but sometimes there is salt grass in the ramp. Please take a few minutes to clear it off before using the ramp. It will make using the ramp safer for you & the next boater. Thanks.

How much to use the ramp?

The rate is $20 total if you put in and pull out on the same day. Otherwise it’s $20 each way/each day.   EXACT CHANGE, CASH ONLY.             We do offer non commercial annual passes for $200. Please talk to Nob for details/discounts.

How do I pay?

There is a mail slot on the side of the house with the words “PAY HERE” printed on it. Just flip it up and insert your money. It is an honor system. If you have no honor, please go somewhere else.

Is there anyone there to help me?

Although we are a self service ramp, Nob or his sons are usually there to help the inexperienced boaters. Especially on the weekends and most weekdays (unless the fish are biting) . If you feel you MUST have help, please call Nob a day or two in advanced & he will make sure he is available to help and teach you. He enjoys helping and advising our new or inexperienced boaters.

Where do I park my vehicle and trailer?

Parking areas are clearly displayed with signage. There is an open lot east of our ramp, please back in and park close. There is also off street parking east and to the right along the cedar trees.              Please do not park in front of any houses or driveways.

What about security?

The ramp, docks, slips and all parking areas are covered by recording video cameras 24 hours a day. We do not have any crime problems, the camera’s were installed for insurance purposes and of course for us to watch the “rookies”  trying to launch boats. We enjoy a good laugh!

Can I pull my boat at low tide?

For the most part yes, we recommend roller trailers. If you have a bunk trailer that’s fine also because if you are experienced, we allow you to power up your boat.  We have pulled some pretty big boats at low tide. See the pictures.

What happens if I back off the end of the ramp?

This is something we don’t want you to do. The ramp end is clearly marked and has a 10ft drop off at the end. If you back your trailer wheels off the end of the ramp, damage will occur to your trailer and to the concrete ramp.

Although we are a self service ramp, If you have any problems, one of the ramp guys (Nob, Jay, Glenn, etc.) are usually available and they will help.

Do you have any boat slips available?

Due to the prime location of our ramp, our deep water, and our wonderful hospitality we currently have a waiting list for slips. We may have an occasional “opening”  for a short time (duck season, striper season, pre-summer) but these opportunities will need to be discussed with Nob.